Travel InsuranceNow that you've booked your air tickets and the accommodation. Should you buy travel insurance now or should you wait nearer to your departure date? This is a very common question most travelers will ask. Our answer is: you should activate your Travel Insurance the moment you confirmed or booked your air tickets and accommodation. Most travel insurance policies cover flight cancellation, trip cancellation and other benefits prior to departure date subject to the contract's terms. In the event that for some reasons you need to cancel your flight or trip, our Chartis Travel Guard has Trip Cancellation benefit that starts 60 days before the departure date.Unfortunately, many travelers are clueless about how travel insurance works. Understand the travel insurance you are about to buy or have bought. Read its claused carefully. Check all terms of your policy. Clarify with the insurance company anything you're not sure before you travel. It pays to activate your travel insurance EARLY! Enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a comprehensive coverage for your trip. Contact UsActivate your travel insurance early by calling our hotline: 67 456 110.  Don't wait till the late minute! If you have any further query on Travel Insurance please do not hesitate to call us.

Benefits to Activate Your Travel Insurance Early