Travel InsuranceFrom reading the Sunday Times on 5 December 2010, around 51 per cent of an online respondents polled do not buy any travel insurance on a regular basis, that shows the fact that Singaporeans are under-insured when they travel. Many people still don’t think that buying adequate travel insurance is necessary. Travelling without travel insurance is just like taking a risk; still many Singaporeans are not aware what travel insurance does covers. Many see it as an extra cost. As much as 49 per cent of those surveyed have no idea that travel insurance does cover injuries caused by accidents, flights delay, flight disruptions and in rare case when the airline go bankrupt. Another reason some Singaporean are hesitating to buy travel insurance as they feel that it is a waste of their money as they travel to the nearby country like Johor in Malaysia or Batam in Indonesia. Buy travel insurance the moment you confirm your flight. Don’t wait till the last minute for you never know you may be forced to postpone or cancel your holiday or a business trip.

Buy Travel Insurance: Get Insured Before You Take Off