If you're going abroad as a student for studies, you will still need some forms of protection. However, not many insurers offer such long-term study travel insurance.



Chartis Student Assist is designed specially to cover this area. Consider getting a student travel insurance.

When you prepare to study abroad it can change your life drastically. The whole experience can be intimidating to you as a young adult but if you are adequately covered by a student travel insurance, some of your worries are eased.

You will know that unexpected things do happen when you are overseas, things like emergencies and medical bills will not bother you.

Student travel insurance coverage protects you when you are away from Singapore.

Most student insurance policies include the following – health and accident coverage, emergency medical evacuation, your lost luggage, any travel delay or flight interruption, stolen cash, etc.

You need to carefully read the policy to determine what's covered and what is not. Do some comparison regarding the coverage and the benefits and any exclusion. You should not look at the price when deciding a policy but, if you are under a tight budget, you can choose a cheaper plan that will include most of your coverage needs.

You may get sick due to climate and weather changes, homesick, or fall ill. You should be prepared for these things – have a peace of mind and a worry-free student life – that are having your oversea study covered by buying student travel insurance.

It is wise to protect your safety – one of the wise decision you can do. Your family in Singapore knows you are well insured.  Even for those with a budget, get one that suit your budget.

Don't take any chance when you are far away from home.